Not listed in McKeown's. I don't remember where I got this camera.

There are lots of "custom" products. There's likely an equal amount of "deluxe" things, too. But when you put the two together, well, then you've really got something.
I don't know what makes the XL 399 worthy of the custom deluxe designation but I doubt the manufacturer took the words lightly.

  The XL 399 sure as hell looks like the crappy Imperial Reflex shown further blelow.  Did you have to pay more for this one ? Why "399" and not "400 ?"  These are questions that will likely remain unanswered for all time.

I'll bet everyone involved with the XL 399 is either taking a dirt nap or putting his shirt on backwards.

The "lens mounts" look like knobs. I think that was to suggest that they focus something. But of course, they don't. If you try to turn them they just skin your fingers.

If you run your fingernail up the back of the XL 399 it makes a "zipping" sound.

Twin-Lens Reflex cameras are for serious photographers, not half-assed-backyard snapshooters.

Peas in a pod.

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