Wittnauer makes watches, but in 1957 they went into the camera business. They didn't actually make cameras, they
distributed them. Most of Wittnauer's cameras were made by Braun in Germany. Wittnauer stuck their name
on the cameras.
They marketed about fifteen cameras betwen 1957 and 1959. After that it was back to the watch business.

While the Wittenette deserves the "crappy camera" label, it certainly is a pretty one.

The Wittenette takes 620 film but I was able to fit a trimmed 120 into the feed side after I took a little grinder
to the camera.

I'm not the worlds most accomplished photographer nor the most famous. But I bet I've used more camera
models than anybody that ever lived.

- - -

The bowling ball moves at night.

The Wittenette has no "B" setting so I placed the camera on a counter top, leaned on it and tripped the shutter about ten times.
No need to worry about over exposure. I let reciprocity take over. I guess you could use that as sort of a "sunny sixteen" thing.
Remember this rhyme, all the time.

Don't worry 'bout over exposure.
And let reciprocity take over !

February rain

I took the interior photos for E.F.G. because she likes them. I'd rather photograph Sandra Bullock but I don't know her.

I took the camera outside for a while but all of the photos were motion blurred. Apparently the intricate shutter mechanism
in the Wittenette doesn't like cold weather. That's the price you pay for quirky quality. You know, like owning a touchy British
sports car.

Arista EDU 100 in HC110 (H)