From the days of cameras in drug stores, comes the Wittenette Deluxe in the presentation package. Distributed by Wittenauer Instruments, it's complete with camera, case, flash and flashbulbs, film and instructions.

This particular "Deluxe" is an oddity it seems, as McKeown's says that the camera has an electric exposure system. This one sure as hell doesn't. In fact it's actually a relabeled Pho-Tak Reflex.

The Chrono lens was most likely a reference to Wittenauer's main business - manufacturing time pieces.
The camera has three lens openings. Double exposure prevention. A big shutter lever button and a tripod mount hole.
The viewfinder is bright and suitably distorted.

Shinier'n Yul Brenner's head.


Even after you move to Box City, sometimes you have to wait in line.

It was cold this day. The trees rattled in the wind.

Yellow filter.

Arista EDU 400 in HC110