My first foray into medium format featured a Bronica GS-1. The GS-1 is a heavy 6x7.  I took lots of photos with it and one day decided I didn't like it. Not because it wasn't a quality piece. It simply didn't suit me, so I sold it.

Soon after I sold the GS-1, I bought a Hasselblad 500 something. I took lots of photos with it, too.  One day I decided I didn't like it so I sold it.

While I appreciate the fact that these actions make me sound like a pompous asshole, I feel no need to defend myself. If you're reading this, you likely understand that some cameras just don't feel right to you.

The photos below were done with the Bronica quite a few years ago. I think they were processed in D76.

This photograph was taken with Konica IR film.  Like nearly all IR's, it's long gone. Why use an IR film when you can simulate IR photographs with Photoshop ?

Belchertown MA

This was done with a yellow filter on Kodak V-Pan. V-Pan, like Konica IR is long gone, too.  It was a wonderful emulsion.

Belchertown MA