WEMBLEY SPORTS c1950 - 1956

I don't know what sports these guys had in mind but this is not a sporty beast. It's big, slow, clunky and pure bakelite. Apparently there was another version of this camera with a deco face. It makes 6x9 images on 120 film with its f11 (!) Sportar lens. You can choose to shoot wide open or stop all the way down to f22. I guess it must have been more sunny in England in the 1950's

The lens housing screws into the body to range focus.  The little red mark shows you what distance you've chosen.  Four meters is thirteen feet. The rest of the distance choices are just as odd. You can screw the housing all the way in to fit it the camera your pocket if you don't mind looking like you're carrying a brick.

The entire back comes off to load your film.

Now that winter is fading in New England I have the opportunity to shoot photos on the way to and from work. There's increasing light and it's not so bitterly cold anymore. These were all taken today.

I doubt that the manufacturers intent was to produce photos that look like this. Fifty years have taken their toll on my Wembley. What little sport it once had is now gone. Age brings character and I love this old character.

Dreamlike and odd. Diana's big brother.

Broken fences and cloudy sky.

This style barn is fairly common in New England. Barns like this make me think of Halloween.

Closed or partially open doors have always been a favorite subject of mine.

Lone horse

Expired Kodak Pan-x. Eight minutes in Accutol 1:10.