The Vrede Box by Vredeborch (c1950)
The goodtime lovin' Germans at Vredeborch GMBH Camera thought they were being clever with this camera's name. "Vee should call it a Vrede -BOX !!!" "Ya ! Ya ! Dats funny !"

The camera produces 6x9 negatives on roll film and sports a "Standard Menis" lens. I wonder if they had some non-standard Menises for special customers. It has a built in yellow filter and two lens openings for photographing the beer garden in sunny or cloudy conditions.

Vredeborch made some pretty box cameras before they went bankrupt in 1986.
My buddy. Mark
Quabbin stumps
Early in the 19th century, four towns in Massachusetts were flooded to create a reservoir for Boston. All of the trees that were to end up below water level were cut down and the stumps were left behind. Over the years many of these stumps have pulled free of the bottom and wandered to dry land. Many others still
cling to the bottom

Those on dry land hunker down like sun bleached monsters. Those under water wait to snatch your fishing lure or to rip the prop off your boat. I can't blame them for their baleful nature. Man was not kind to them.
These wooden monsters come in all sizes. Grandparent oaks left behind huge stumps with roots that radiate  out in crazy circles. Smaller stumps are scattered about, cut off in their youth.
Some band together and hold fast against the years.
All photos on Kodak Verichrome Pan at ASA 125 in HC110 - Dilution B
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