A camera store in Sweden parted with this beauty late last summer. It's the second version of the Vitessa 125 as it has a movable finder for automatic parallax correction and it has "Germany" embossed in the leather on the rear of the camera.

The Vitessa is a rock of a camera. You could easily use it to crack walnuts. The shutter is quiet and the camera handles wonderfully. The long button on top advances the film and re-sets the shutter all with one push. I think I could get three frames per second if I was inclined toward that type of shooting. This camera has the slip on cold shoe accessory. It's lined with thick black felt to avoid scratching the camera. The f2 Ultron was the top of the line for the Vitessa. Top shutter speed is 1/500. The slow speeds produce a beautiful buzzing sound.

Stone Turtle

Richard Ramsdell

Arista 200 film