A Viceroy is a royal official who runs a country, colony or province in the name of and as the representative of the Monarch (Wikipedia.) It is also the name of a cigarette and has been since 1936.

It occurred to me today that nobody names their cameras anymore. You know what I mean. The names have been replaced by number-names like D50 and EOS 60D.
Modern DSLR's should have names that are appropriate like Fivethousanddollarswithoutalens or Mostlyplastic or simply Whathefuck?!

It's not simply a product of the digital age, this lack of camera names. Few manufacturers named their film SLRs either. There's the FTb. The F-1. The R-4 and on and on.
Some did name their cameras though - Spotmatic, Nikkormat. Sounds like a really cool trivia game. Let's get together, drink some tea and think up some named film SLRs !
The winner gets a pack of Viceroys.

Haking,  Halina Viceroy's manufacturer (Hong Kong,) named all of it's cameras.  Haking was founded by Dr. Haking Wong in 1956. There are twelve different Halinas in the Wong Arsenal.
Among those names are:  The Halina Prefect Senior, (there's no Junior.)  The Halina Baby and others. I don't know what the significance of Halina is.
If you do, that's too bad.

Viceroy and Prefect sound pretty classy. Much better than, say, The AE Wong.

Naming a camera implies that it kind of sucks I guess.

I don't know why it says "Hakings Super Reflex" on my Viceroy

The F8 Double Meniscus doesn't focus but it does have three iris openings. The camera takes 120 film.

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Randall's - Ludlow MA

Peeling Paint - I don't remember where

Looking north on The Quabbin Reservoir near Gate 3A

Shoreline at Quabbin Reservoir near Gate 3A

Route 21 - Ludlow, MA

Arista EDU 400 in HC110(H)