Vagabond "120" c1951 - United States Camera. Chicago, IL

Closely related to Pho-Tak Corp. and many of their products were identical, except for the names.

The Vagabond 120 certainly looks vagabondish, doesn't it ?  That's a vagabond font if ever I saw one. The quotation marks around the "120" project the aire of a loose life. Just like a real vagabond would live.

The camera is made of sheet metal and although it's not labelled as such, that's a Zellar lens up there. There's no guard on the flash. The parabolic reflector focuses blinding light on the subject and if a flash bulb were to explode, the reflector aims the shards directly at the hapless target.

Forgotten Barn - Northampton MA

Barn and Winter Sky - Belchertown MA

Barn and Holyoke Mountain Range

Office Westfield Plate Co.

Empty House and Glacial Erratic - Ludlow MA

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