Union C-II c1953 - Union Optical Co. (Japan)

This is a mysterious camera. I can't find much information on the C-II. Union Optical Company still exists, but they don't make cameras. In fact this is the only camera they ever put their name on. It looks a lot like the Daiichi Kogaku "Zenobia." The Union has a range-focusing, 7.5cm/ f3.5, Conoor Anastigmat lens mounted in a Copal shutter. I can't find anything on Conoor lenses. It's probably a rebadged something-or-other.

It's a nicely made camera. It folds smoothly and has lots of chrome parts. Shutter speed up to 1/300 and an iris that closes down to f22.

The camera produces portrait oriented 4.5x6cm images on 120 film.

The Union had a roll of c-41 color film in it when I took it off the shelf. The film is in good enough shape to send to a commercial lab. More on that later.

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