I recently bought a "Traveler 120" made by Pho-Tak company of Chicago IL. for a few dollars because it had an exposed roll of Kodak Verichrome Pan in it.

I figured that the film was mostly likely ruined by someone opening the camera long ago but I thought... what the hell...I'll develop the film. I was hoping for some shots of Lee Harvey Oswald having lunch somewhere on 11/22/63 or maybe a shot of J.F.K with Marilyn Monroe but what I got is below.
The other frames on the roll were unprintable.
Here's grandma in her flower garden. She looks like everyones grandma did in the 1950's. That's her pet brick down there by her shapely right leg.

The photos of grandma and her pets (below) are kind of sad. Grandma is no doubt living with the angels and there's no way of finding out who she was. An unimportant but touching kind of mystery, really.
It takes about ten seconds to advance a frame in the Traveler 120 and grandma stood rock steady between frames. Not too bad, huh ? I think there's a towel hanging in the tree to grandma's right.
Grandma's dog and cat. The dog is attentive and the washed out cat is aloof. Some things don't change with time.
I wonder if this is Gradma's house. I'll bet the 1959 Chevy in the driveway was the photographers car. Most likely grandma's son "Ernie." That's quite an antenna on the roof, isn't it ? You can just barely make out the front of an older Plymouth on the left.

I wonder if there were some pictures of grandpa on the roll. Maybe the old gent was already living in box city. Maybe he was down at the local bar. Or maybe he just didn't want his picture taken. I can understand that.
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