1948 - 1951

6x9 on 620

I can't recall how I came to own this Kodak Tourist. I believe it was unused. There was an empty
spool where the full spool used was supposed to be. New cameras came like that when
cameras had spools.

The Tourist was available with your choice of lenses starting with the fast Anaston 4.5. Next came the Anaston 6.3, the 8.8 and lastly
the Kodet 12.5 which was used for solar photography I guess.

Cheap and pretty.

Diomatic !

 - - -

A generous Photonet member send me that roll of unexposed Ansco All Weather shown in the first photo above. I usually exposed film !

Ansco stopped making that film decades ago but I loaded it into The Tourist and exposed it on a cloudy day. All photos were done with the lens wide open.

Grange hall. Ware, MA

The film is old and so is this building. The photos may have been done today but they are timeless.

Barn - Rte. 9 - Ware, MA

This is the Tourist equipped with the blazing fast Anaston 6.3 and a cracked viewfinder. I didn't use this camera for any of the above photos.

With the 6.3 you get this fancy exposure calculator slide rule and a lever operated, spring loaded, red window cover.