This particular model has the Kinetic Optical Color Lens and came with a subscription to TIME magazine. I don't know when this incredible offer was made but it sure is a classic.

It's got a hot shoe, three iris opening settings, strap lugs, double exposure prevention and a functionless window next to the viewfinder. It looks like a real 35 !


Spring comes slow in western Massachusetts. The trees aren't easily fooled and bud in earnest in late April. This barn is in Ludlow at the edge of invading "development."

The Belchertown State School was once a housing facility for the mentally ill. It is abandoned now and the state is trying to figure out what to do with its sprawling acreage. I fear for the worst. Farm machinery lies forgotten on much of the property.

Fiddlehead Ferns are among the first denizens of spring. I love them dearly.

My friend Mark with a six plus pound Largemouth Bass. All our fish are released with honor.