The Spectator Flash - by PHO-TAK
PHO-TAK made a bunch of cameras in the 1950's.  I like the solid feel  of PHO-Tak cameras combined with the chintzy engineering. The Spectator Flash produces 6x9 images on 120 film. None of that stupid 620 re-spooling baloney needed. It's made of steel and feels great in my hand.

I bought this one recently and I was delighted to find an exposed roll of Verichrome Pan in it. It was rolled up all the way so I hoped I'd get eight printable negatives. No such luck.
Here's a mysterious photo for you to contemplate. I think it's a double exposure. If not, there appears to be some type of fog enveloping these gorgeous females. Are they sitting at the bottom of a well ? Why are they' so happy ?

I'd guess the lady in the middle had a date later in the day. I base that guess on the curlers in her hair. The ankle socks and kerchief are pretty hot.

I think the woman sitting to left is her sister, Ethel.  The girl on the right looks a little like Haley Mills but you probably don't remember who Haley Mills was.

All the girls in my high school class looked like these ladies. They all found husbands anyway.
This photo was taken right after the above one. The lady with the curlers is gone. I think she'd had enough. There's no doubt there's shared genes here. The glasses and shoulder slouches are dead giveaways. The lady with the sexy shoes on the left has something in her hand. I think it's a pint of booze with a straw in it. The lady in the middle is a "salt of the Earth" mother. She'd do anything for her kids. God bless her.
This is somebody's little boy,"Jimmy." Today he's an eight-track cartridge repairman. I think that's a camper behind him or else it's a tractor trailer and Jimmy's playing next to the highway.

He's looking at his mother who is telling him to smile but Jimmy refuses to do so. I'll bet he's thinking about what's locked up in his genes.  His clown festooned pail lies empty. We're left wondering if that little shovel he's holding is robust enough to dig a proper hole in that tough looking soil.