There's no manufacturers name anywhere on the camera. Inside it says, "Patent Pending." It also says, "Films to use - 120." 

It looks like a Spartus 620 and after a bit of searching through McKeown's I determined it to be a Spartus Super R - I. What makes it super and what the "R-I" means are unknown.

It's a very odd little TLR. The lens housing looks like it was made in a high school machine shop. So does the focus indicator pin. Mounting the flash requires skinny little fingers to turn the knob.

The Super R - I makes no pretenses. It is what it is.

Yup. F7.7.  Not F8 like some of them cheap cameras.


Remnants of massive industry line The Connecticut River in Holyoke Massachusetts. They squat in the sun, snow and rain for decade upon decade.

f 7.7 - Red filter

Same as above.

Barn on 116 in Granby MA

Barn on Rural Road - Granby MA

Arista EDU Ultra 100 in HC110(h) for eight minutes