Sunbeam "120" - Herold MFG. CO - Chicago IL c1953

The Sunbeam 120 gets my vote for the most pleasant camera name of all time. Its twin brother, "The Spartus 120" evokes images of Kirk Douglas slicing heads off
with a big sword.

Both cameras make 6x9 images on 120 film and consist of three components as shown above.
Cameras no longer have big Phillips-head screws in them. Nor do they have tubular viewfinders.
They usually don't have names either. Just model numbers.

The quote marks surrounding the 120 are curious. I wonder who came up with that idea.

Disregard the Kodak TMAX 100. Consider it a prop. The photos below were done with Arista EDU 200, which is no longer available, in Kodak HC110 (H) which still is, until it isn't.

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6x9 is a great format. You get through your roll much faster and the larger size creates more opportunities for quality variations within each exposure.

Of course this is more true when the film is exposed in a crappy camera like The Sunbeam "120." It's less true when exposed in a camera like The Kodak Medalist.

Blue Moon Diner. Gardner, MA

Gardner is located off Rte. 2 in central Massachusetts. It once was a noteworthy city, famous for furniture manufacturing.

While it's still located in the same place, the other things I said about it are no longer true.

Rear Entrance to Blue Moon Diner

The Bowlaway. Gardner, MA

Bowling used to be very popular in New England. Many variations of the game existed. Ten Pin. Candle Pin. Duck Pin. Rubber Duck Pin.

People still bowl today but in far less numbers.


Landry Cleaners. Gardner, MA

Church. New Salem, MA

New Salem in located on Rte. 202. It's a very pretty town in the middle of nowhere.

Graveyard Shed. New Salem, MA

New Salem Center

Silo. New Salem, MA

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