Photographic powerhouse, PHO-TAK Corporation, manufactures a host of cutting edge
cameras. Stunningly redundant in design and performance, The Spectator Flash typifies
their line of vertical 6x9 cameras.
Manufactured from good old American steel and sporting a strip of dead cow for a handle
these cameras are built to last.

PHO-TAK has wisely settled on the 110mm Zellar lens for its 6x9 offerings. The word
"precision" appears above the Zellar and it's no idle boast. The Zellar (named after Zellar
Lewinski, The CEO's secretary) sure is precise.

The controls are well laid out. No easy task on such a complex piece of equipment. The
shutter is aptly labeled as "SHUTTER" but "INST." and "TIME" could confuse less
sophisticated photogs. Still, it's a minor complaint, considering the overall package.

The flash attachment reflects the feel of quality one encounters with the Spectator.
The one that came with my Spectator was nearly round.  In use, it's sure to
blind even the most glaucoma ridden among you. In fact, I used a flash equipped
Spectator to photograph Stevie Wonder recently. After I fired the camera, Wonder
asked me to close the window because of the lightning !

The "Flash" as it's sure to called in the future, is also available with an animal-friendly
handle for the PETA types.

The viewfinder, shown here on the left side of the camera, can easily be placed on the
right side of the camera by turning the camera one hundred and eight degrees
to the users right. In fact, if you keep turning the camera in that direction, the viewfinder
will be at the bottom of the camera. If you turn it again, it returns to the position
shown above.

The machined knob above the viewfinder advances your 120 film to the next frame. Frame numbers
appear in a red-tinted window at the camera's rear. I shot five rolls of film through my Spectator
and the frame counter worked flawlessly each time. The frame numbers appeared in perfect numerical order !

Shutter speed is approximately 1/30 sec. making it a good choice for photographing The Senior Olympics (over 90 division.)

Below are some photographs that The Spectator and I produced.


Basketball Hall of Fame

Barn - Palmer, MA

At The Belchertown State School


At The Belchertown State School

At The Belchertown State School

A few more from the line of fine PHO-TAK cameras.