Spectator Flash

One of the first junk cameras I bought as I headed down the path to destruction was a PHO-TAK
product. Since then I've had a soft spot for their cameras.

South Hadley, MA

Empty building - Shelburne Falls, MA

Shelburne Falls, MA

- - - -

JEM JR. 120 - 1940's
J.E. Mergott Co., Newark, NJ

I don't usually think of Newark, New Jersey when I think of fine cameras. But I don't usually think of J.E. Mergott, too !
J.E. only made one camera but he had four different faceplates. The one shown above. Another like the one above with lightning
bolts on it (flash synch.) and two Girl Scout models.

You'd think there's be a JEM SR. 120, but you'd be mistaken.

It's a good year for pine cones. It makes squirrels happy.

Photo by E.F.G.

Derelict building - Holyoke, MA

Holyoke Canoe Club

Curved Building - Holyoke, MA

Arista EDU 200 in HC110 (H)