Imported from Japan by Allied Impex Corporation. Soligor was a trade name of Allied's

There were three models of this camera. This one is the most basic with external gears driving the focus. The Reflex II has rack focusing and the Semi Auto has auto film stop and frame counting.

A coated 3.5 Soligor Anastigmat lens and Rektor shutter (1/300) are featured. The film advance makes a quiet ratcheting sound as you advance the film. The frame indicator window is yellow.

Aging Barn - Southampton MA

I accidentally  left the film in the developer way too long with this roll and got some interesting results.

Cattle Farm in Rain - Southampton MA

Red Barn - Hadley MA

Empty Buildings - Hadley MA

When I see abandoned buildings like these I fear there's a Wal Mart coming, or a bunch of vinyl-sided, overpriced modern houses.

Tobacco Barn - Amherst MA

Overexposed and over-processed.

Barn and Tall Grass - Hadley MA

See comment above

Kodak Tri-X in HC110(b) for way too long.