These days it seems that everybody is shooting with an Ansco SHUR SHOT
and a Canon FTb, doesn't it ?

Normally I buck trends but this one makes so much sense.

The juxtaposition of rectangular film formats. The marriage of cardboard and steel. The overarching issue
of global warming. The fact that the serial number of my FTb adds up to thirty.

The impulse to use these cameras was powerful.


SHUR SHOT and Arista 200 in HC110(H)

In late October the sun is hurrying towards the winter solstace in Massachusetts. Shadows are long
all day. And they are getting longer.

All of these photos were taken around 1pm.

Canon FTb and Canon 20mm lens - Aritsa 200

The bench once belonged to my Mother and Father inlaw*. It weighs a couple of hundred pounds and these days
spends its time in my yard.

Canon FD 50mm 1.4 "Chrome Nose"