Seagull - 205 c1970

Made by Light Industrial Products of China, Seagull cameras are familiar to users of TLR's but less know for their other style cameras. Seagulls exist in three flavors spread across a mere four cameras. There are two TLR's one folder (120) and a 35.

The viewfinder is really bright and very easy to focus on the 205. The lens is very contrasty. The camera has a single stroke film advance and a quiet shutter.


The coming of Spring

Winters are long and hard in New England. We hunker down and do the best we can during the short cold days. Late February features warming sun and longer days. Much of the bitterness of winter is gone but still it's not Spring.

Early morning is a good time for photography. The low sun accents texture and creates interesting shadows.

Holyoke range and electric fence - Belchertown MA

Remnant of summer. The corn stalk.

The snow cowers from the advancing sun. Where the ground is dark, it hasn't a chance.

Facing south - Belchertown MA

Brooks are ice-free and their warming water helps open the bigger waters. White Oaks that held their dead leaves all winter, begin to think of letting them go.

Farm and Holyoke Range - Belchertown MA

Spring's promise is seductive and we yearn for the warmth of yesterday. Like the rekindling of some youthful dream, we crave its touch.

Kodak Gold 200