Scout 120 FLASH Boy Scout Model

Pho-Tak, of Chicago IL was around for about 13 years and went out of business about the same time that The Beatles showed up. They made something like 10 cameras in that time. I'm always in the market for a Pho-Tak product and I really don't know why. I especially like the box cameras. They are fashioned from stamped metal and have a solid feel. Maybe it's that 110 mm Zellar that's so seductive. 6x9 images on 120 film.


During the summer I drive by this store once a week when I go fishing nearby it. I used to stop in and buy a six pack off Joe Jackson, the owner. Joe was a nasty old black guy. The store was filled with flies and Joe carried three kinds of beer. Joe and the place had a certain charm. It was summer and I like people better in the summer.

The place used to be called "Joe's Package Store." Joe added the "and DELI" part after he decided to stock a half dozen pre-made tuna sandwiches. I never bought one.

About five years ago I stopped at Joe's and found the place empty. Locked up. No explanation, just this unlikely apology from Joe.

Blazing sun and winter winds are doing a job on Joe's place. I wonder what happened to Joe. I wonder why the place simply sits there day after day, week after week and year after year.

Canal - Chicopee MA


Former Site of Enfield MA- Quabbin Reservoir