Bridge on The Swift River

Yesterday was warm and foggy. The last day of a January thaw. Persistent snow vanished under the onslaught.


Looking North - Quabbin Reservoir

Today dawned bitterly cold as winter re-asserted its dominance. Wind rattled the empty trees and scoured the new snow.


Bundled deep in my winter clothes, I walked through a field. Trying to capture the leaden cold with my ancient camera.

The north wind made my eyes tear. My cameras shutter wheezed in protest.

We sought shelter in the old farm buildings. Just a moments respite, until we could move along once again.

Doors slammed and timbers creaked in the forgotten place. Old smells drifted on the January wind that seeped through a thousand openings.

In corners, away from broken windows and failed boards, we found   places where the wind did not reach. There was a symphony of sadness in the air as the old building heaved and twisted.

The grey light was quickly fading. We returned to the time alloted us.


Cameras used - Kodak Brownie Flash 620 (black and white photos.) Argus C3 Matchmatic (color.)

Films - Arista EDU Ultra 400

Kodak Gold 200