SAVOY - Imperial Camera Corp. Chicago, IL - 1961

 A Herbert George camera.   Kodak was the king of cameras but Herbert George sold his
fair share too. You can look it up if you want to.

 In the early sixties you could buy a camera at the local Rexall Drug Store. You could get
film and processing there too.

 I'm not sure but I think I remember seeing Savoy cameras for sale at my Rexall in 1961.
Cameras came in colors then. They are all black today.

 "Savoy" is a sixties sort of word. It implied class. The orbiting object to the left of the lens
has nothing to do with Savoy. The world was nuts about orbiting things in 1961.

The Savoy, like many of its crappy cousins, is typical of cheap cameras of the era.
99.5 % plastic,  wicked slow shutter speed and light as a feather.
Still, they're so damn lovable.

The Imperial Debonair.  The  Sabre and Valiant 620 and many others fall into the category.

Future cheeseburger

Bowed Barn and Truck Hood.
The Savoy viewfinder in not WYSIWYG

Maple Tree and various UFOs

Shed on Sabin Street.

When I'm at a loss for subject matter I can always depend on "The Shed On Sabin Street." Unfortunately, the shed
is showing signs of age. One day it'll be "The Pile of Wood that Used to be a Shed on Sabin Street."

I'll one day be "The Pile of Ashes that Used to be The Photographer that Took Pictures of The Pile of Wood that Used
to be a Shed on Sabin Street."

Stones at South Cemetery

Like The Shed on Sabin Street, The Old South Cemetery can be depended upon for subject matter.
It's near Sabin Street, too.

Pink Flamingos that Liz Bought Me

Like The Shed on Sabin Street and The Old South Cemetery, The Pink Flamingos that Liz Bought Me, have been
photographed a number of times.

There are three Pink Flamingos that Liz Bought Me. One lies buried in the snow. A victim of the vicious New England weather,
it has a broken leg. The one on the left is a victim of the Savoy's non-WYSIWYG viewfinder.