Samoca 35 III - Sanei Sangyo (Japan)
Samoca Camera CO. LTD - c1950's

There are four Samoca 35 models. The differences between models are typical of many old cameras. Flash synch. No flash synch. Shutter speeds etc.
The 35 III's top shutter speed is 1/100 which limits its use in bright light. It's a handsome little 35.

The mushroom shaped button at top right resets the shutter and disengages the film advance so you
can crank to the next frame. You also use it to rewind when you're done.

There's a lot of numbers and lines to the left of the world famous EZUMAR. They have something to do
with lens openings and depth of field. I don't bother with such mathematical baloney.

The camera zone focuses.

Samoca 35 III. Number 597321. I wonder where 597322 is. I'll bet it's nowhere near 597321.

Much is made of "glow" and "bokeh." I don't personally know any Leica owners but I'll bet they
couldn't talk about their lenses for more than a minute without using the word "glow."
It wouldn't matter. I'd be asleep after the first fifteen seconds.
I'd rather use a camera than talk about it. The same goes for fishing. I hate talking about it.
I just want to do it.

Country road at f11.

Samoca glow ?  EZUMAR bokeh ?

Old warrior



Over the years, I've watched this pine slowly engulf an old gravestone.

f 4.5, I think.

Barn at Leah's house


Crocus and Flamingos

Only the strong survive.  Only the strong survive.

Shut up

I'm giving advice to the photographer I'm married to.


Popeye Arms

A late frame film advance problem removed my hat and its contents.

Fuji 200

Digital cameras are incredibly boring