"620" c.1956-1972

Made by Shaw Harrison.

As cheap as they come but I love 'em. They epitomize the crapola box camera. They came in four basic colors but the shutter and rewind buttons along with the handles were interchangeable among the cameras. You could get a red one with a white handle or a red one with a black handle etc. etc. These are the things that drive collectors nuts.

There was also an identical "Valiant 620" but it's much rarer.


When I opened the box that the camera came in I found this photo under the camera. I swear I went to High School with this young woman. Maybe you did too. She's sitting in her mother's kitchen with her Easter basket. We just don't want to let our kids go.


All cameras have the ability to produce interesting images.

Never shoot into the sun unless your camera is equipped with a high quality lens like the one on the Sabre 620

Edge marker and ice crystals

Shag-bark hickory tree and barbed wire.

Greene's barn



Agfa APX100 in HC110B - 8 minutes