Sabre 620 Shaw Harrison - 1956 - 1972

The Sabre 620 and her mysterious twin sister Valiant, exemplify "cuteness"

I was once the world leader when it came to Sabre and Valiant 620s. The cost of constant shutter calibration was too much to bear. I'm slowly divesting myself of them.


Medallion Motel - West Springfield, MA

Under its cheery exterior the Sabre 620 is moody and sullen. Perfect for a late winter day in New England.

I never stayed at The Medallion Motel and I never will again.

Bleak House - West Springfield, MA

When Diane Arbus tired of her Rolleiflex she frequently reached for her Sabre 620.  Hers was black though.

Budweiser - West Springfield, MA

"Budweiser." That's the name of this bar. "Budweiser."

I've never been inside the place and I'll never go inside again.

Farm - Belchertown, MA

My Sabre 620 has a random scratch and dust generator.

Most crappy cameras feature a "sweet spot" at the center of the frame.  Not so with this Sabre 620. The sweet spot moves !

Town Building - Belchertown, MA

Arista EDU 100 in HC110 (H)

Diane Arbus - 1923 -1971

Photo from Wikipedia