The Rover

The Rover is another of those Diana Clones.  Incredibly crappy but attractive. I had a
girlfriend like that.

Life is full of unanswered questions. Is there life on other planets ?  What did John see in Yoko ? What the hell is Oprah doing on  T.V. ?
And of course...why does it say - "Use 620 film" on The Rover film wind knob ?

Did someone at The Rover factory get a deal on the labels ? Was there some conspiracy between 620 film freaks and the factory ?

120 film fits perfectly. In fact, it fits better than 620. I'm not a Diana clone collector and I wonder what other clones
bear this mysterious marking.

Someone, somewhere probably knows the answer to The Rover/620 question. Still, I'll bet I carry the question to my deathbed.

??????    ??????? ???????

Drop something, Frosty ?

I stopped at this place. They had no problems with the wreaths or boxes. My third request was denied.

Using the sophisticated Rover controls, I carefully exposed a roll of APX 400 and processed it in HC110 (H) until it was time to go out for a beer.