This camera was sent to me by the owner of a junk shop in Chicago.  The purchase price was fair considering the fact that my contact told me that there was film in the camera.

The Rolls was made around 1939. It's a bakelite camera with no pretense other than the name. It takes 127 film.

I'm about 50% successful with found films. The most common cause of failure is film that's stuck to the backing paper. When I get good images I really feel happy.


I stood for a moment in the afternoon sun.

The exposure was perfect and the posing was fun.

I never saw the picture and isn't it queer

That suddenly it shows show up, and you see it here.


You made us stop on that long ago day.

We posed for a moment then continued our play.


HC110-B, ten minutes. No digital processing done other than minor cropping.