Rollei 35 S 1974-1980

The Rollei 35 S is a tiny 35mm camera. Not much bigger than a pack of cigarettes, but it feels like a little brick in your hand. Although quality is evident throughout, it's odd to use. The match needle exposure window is on top of the camera. The hot shoe is on the bottom left of the camera. It must be really out of balance with a big flash attached to it. Any flash would be big on such a small camera. Shutter speeds are in the front left and iris settings are on the front right.

There are two buttons on the top. One is the shutter release and the other releases the telescoping lens assembly. I invariable pushed the wrong one when trying to take a picture. This does no harm, but caused me to use a few choice words. The lens is a 40mm Sonnar that is range focussed. The lens cap is about the size of a quarter.

The camera is silky-smooth in use. The shutter is very quiet and people don't look at you like they do when you use other old cameras. This thing looks like a digital camera.

Special thanks to MD Carmack for generously lending me this beauty.

Curious Cattle - Ware MA

I'd love to know what kind of "thoughts" these animals have. I believe the one on the far left recognized the Rollei.

Moon Over the Mill - Ware MA

Fireplug - Ware MA

No Trespassing - Ware MA

Frozen Valve - Ware MA

Apply at Main Office - Ware MA

This Ain't Yankee Country - Boston MA

Old and New - Boston MA

Kodak Gold 200