Ricohmatic 44 by Riken. Tokyo, Japan c1956

 4x4 images on 127 film. Aperture priority with film speeds from 1/32 (!) to 1/170. Riken f3.5/60mm focusing lens. Both the taking and viewing lenses are nicely coated. This is a heavy 127.

 The camera was available in various color combinations. The wheel under the flash mount is used to set ASA. The levers to either side of the taking lens are for focusing. Whatever lubricant was used on the focus mechanism is now  thicker than a liberals head. Focusing takes some strength. The shutter button is at bottom.

  The wheel above the wind knob operates the lens iris.

Numbers corresponding to film types are transferred to the ASA wheel to the left.

  Turning the aperture knob aligns the needle with the white dot. The camera picks the shutter speed.

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