Kodak - Retina Reflex III (Type 041) c1961-1964

My camera is the small meter version and the light meter needle is visible in the viewfinder. The lens is a 50mm 2.8  Xenar with a Compur shutter. Top shutter speed is 1/500.

I lost track of this camera for a few months and found it a few days ago. I decided to load it with film but discovered there was already film in it from last summer, so I shot the remaining frames.

I drive by this barn everyday.  The scene sure looks different today.

This gorgeous barn is on Route 9 in Ware MA. The owners take great pride in it and had just added a coat of paint for the winter. They were happy to see me photographing it and I'm sending them a print.

I took this photo of a dead White Pine on a blazing August afternoon. I was in the shade fighting mosquitoes at the edge of this beaver pond. White Pines turn rust-red, then lose their needles when they die.

This photograph is from two days ago ( March 1,2005.)  This empty building, and the one below, are on Belchertown State School property. A favorite subject of mine.

Moss and vines cling to the stucco covering the old building.

Kodak Gold 200