Retina IIc

People are surprised when they see the name "Kodak" on a Retina. It's not the type of camera the name brings to mind. Collectors know that the Retina family of cameras were made in Germany for Kodak and that Retinas are high quality cameras.

This particular near-mint Retina IIc was made around 1954. It's equipped with a 2.8 Schneider, Retina-Xenon lens. The front element is interchangeable. It features a single stroke, bottom mount, film advance lever and a Synchro-Compur shutter. It's a dense, yet surprisingly light piece of equipment. Typical German fit and finish.


Color photographs are most effective when they portray subjects as they are. Natural color.

Gee, the shutter is awfully quiet. Is it stuck ?

Strengthening March sun - Ludlow MA

Low angled morning sunlight - Belchertown MA

Morning shadows - Ludlow MA

Kodak Gold 200