Birches and Ferns

There are shadows at noon in September. They grow longer as the day progresses.

Cardinal Flowers at Quabbin

Cardinal flowers blossom in late August and early September. They are scarce and secretive things. Film cannot capture their vibrant redness.

Morning Glory

Morning Glories bloom in late summer. Their blossom last only a day.

Bush on Island at Quabbin Reservoir

I don't know what kind of plant this is. The pods are slightly larger than a marble and are wine-red. If you think you know what this please email me.

Unnamed Island on Quabbin Reservoir

Early Color on Quabbin

Fall colors sneak up on you if you're not aware of them. They don't sneak up on me. I'm aware of the first changing maple, wherever it may be.

North Wind at Gate Five

Waterborne organic materials create foam when mixed with wind.

Photo taken with a Russian fisheye lens.

Kodak Gold 200