Praktica FX3 - c1957

Made in Soviet occupied Germany by K.W. (Kamera-Werkstaten.) There are a number of Praktica S.L.R's. The FX3 is built like a tank.

I'm not crazy about the waist level finder but the pop up magnifier is pretty cool. That little button in the center opens the viewfinder.

The FX3 features internal auto diaphragm stop-down. The shutter sounds like a rat trap releasing.



Autumn sneaks up on the unaware. Those in too much of a hurry to notice. They wake up one morning and realize the summer is gone. Not me, I see the change coming well before most.

Cosmos bloom as fall taps me on the shoulder. Westagon lens

Yellow birch saplings are among the first to tell the secret. Westagon lens

Westagon lens

Fiddlehead ferns, among the first to emerge in the spring, surrender to the coming cold. Westagon lens



The fair arrives. Tessar.

Tessar at f3.5



Kodak Gold 200