Eho Altissa-Box Nr.200(c1936- Dresden, Germany)
Pouva Start (c1956-1959 - Freital, Germany)

Both cameras take 120 film and produce 6x6 images. I used Arista 200 in the Altissa and Arista 400 in the Start, I think. Films were processed in HC110-H.
The first group of photos are from the Altissa.


January Sunrise, 0800

Cold morning, time exposure of about 20 seconds.


Route 9 East

Warner Road. -7 F.


Photos below done with the Start

Time exposure. Approximately 30 seconds.

Hotel courtyard. Worcester, MA

Military museum. Worcester, MA

Worcester, MA

E.M. Lowes. Worcester, MA

Worcester, MA

Let's go down to The Voodoo, baby
I hear the place is hot.

Let's go down to The Voodoo, baby
That's where Shamila got shot.