PHO-TAK made just one "reflex" camera. I guess they thought they might make another so they named
this camera as they did.

The viewing lens is a 74mm Color Corrected Bochmar Precision Lens. The taking lens is unnamed.
I wonder if PHO-TAK meant to imply that the taking lens is the Bochmar. We'll never know.

The camera has a disturbing quiet shutter so I was never sure that it actually operated when I pushed the
release. The viewfinder is really bright and appropriately distorted.

The Reflex - I control cluster is neatly laid out despite its intricacy.

Film status panel.

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Mud Season

"March is a green,
muddy month down below.
Some folks like it.
Farmers mostly."

-Bear Claw

March is a cloudy, raw month in Massachusetts. Much like November. But unlike November, it holds the
promise of spring.

If I had a choice I wouldn't want to die in March. Sign me up for some distant December.

Lone pine at original location of The Belchertown State School.

Arista EDU 400 in HC110(H)