It wasn't enough for Ansco to make the world's cutest camera. They had to name it "Panda." This is
an out and out case of gilding the lily.

The Panda is a very attractive camera. It's slightly bigger than a baseball yet it takes 620 film.
The viewfinder is bright and the shutter makes a nice sound when released.

The black and white plastic is meant to evoke images of pandas I guess. I like the red tipped shutter
lever. Ansco often used red on its shutter releases. The Anscoflex and Color Clipper come to mind.

I'm adding the Ansco Panda to my list of favorite cameras.

What ? No tail ?

 - - - -

Now and then, we great photographers produce masterpieces that transcend the art. Whatever that means.
Ansel Adams, "Moon Over Hernandez, NM." Diane Arbus, "Child with Toy Hand Grenade in Central Park."
Harvey Shitzer, "Oprah with a Doughnut."

Now you can add my "Bowling Ball Sunset" to the list.

Bowling Ball Sunset

The implications here are clear, of course. The juxtaposition of the Ebonite and sunlight. The brooding woodpile lurking in the shadows. The baleful houses.
I'm preaching to the choir here, I know.

I don't know why, but the bear have been very thin this year.

Lengthening shadows. Spring is coming.

This barn is in a huge corn field in Northampton MA and I've watched it decompose for years. It's probably been watching me do the same thing. The sun is brutal in summer and the cold wind roars out of The Holyoke Mountain Range in winter.
The structure to the right is a bus that was converted to a chicken coop.

I used a mint, Ansco filter holder* and yellow filter on these shots.

No chickens today.

Where the barn and chicken coop endure.


Arista EDU 400 in HC110(H)