Pajta's FFV - Budapest, Hungary - 1963 - 1966
 I don't have a lot of Hungarian cameras and I'll bet you don't either. The Pajta's, which means "Companion," in Hungarian has an interesting lineage. You can check it out if you have a McKeown's. McKeown claims it's a fairly common. Maybe, but I ain't never seen  many of them.  Mine came from Portugal. Yup, that's right.

It's a dense little bakelite camera with three lens openings and a B setting.


Bare trees may be my favorite photo subject. They are stark and have an emotional impact that's hard to find in other subjects.

I wanted to do an entire series at this location. The fog was beautiful and the light was perfect. Unfortunately the shutter jammed after this shot.  I had to get the little screwdrivers out.

Checking the Shutter

Seems to be working.

The photos below were taken in Hadley MA on a bitter cold, windy day. The wind raced across the open fields and made it difficult to stand. The camera was mounted on a heavy tripod and I held a yellow filter in front of the lens for most of the shots. Arista EDU Ultra 400 in HC110 (b.)