Old camera, old photos.

My first real camera was a Canon Ftb from around 1970. Just yesterday, really. I was seduced by its ability to take 36(!) exposures per roll and the fact that you could take photos without a flash if you used "fast film." 35mm cameras were fast and sexy. I could really say something if I had one of them.

Bob's cabin - Winterport ME

I had a lot of fun here in the 1970's. I sure needed it.

The ability to see the ludicrous is a common trait in many photographers. I was developing mine in the 1970's I guess.

This is from my "signs period" which I'm still in.

If you really wanted a thick snake, Paul's Fish Fry was the place to go.

The walls at The Razzmatazz Motel could tell you stories that you wouldn't believe. By the way, the coffee shop wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

This is where helpless and dying apples come to spend their final days. Another load  of ailing fruit is being dropped off by the sad old guy in the dented Buick.

More of the same sadness.

People driving by this store thought that Frank and Ernest were the storeowners names, but that wasn't the case. The real owner, "Joe" was obsessed with honesty which is why he named the store "Frank and Ernest." This also accounts for his need to put up this sign when there was only one ice cube left for sale.

ID required.

Somewhere in Arizona

Sun-tanning frog in Billerica MA

Long ago summer breeze.


As much as you change, you stay the same.