No. 2 Kodak Folding Pocket Brownie Model B

These were built during Teddy Roosevelt's day. WW1 was either brewing or a reality. Babe Ruth's salary was $1,900. The average American income was $750 a year. One marriage in a thousand ended in divorce.

Patents from the late 1890's on. 120 film. 6x9 images.

Cameras once featured "hidden buttons" to open them etc.. This worn button, and another like it on the other end
opened the camera back for film access. A button under the strap opens the front.

"Metres and feet"

Apparently people had great eyesight in 1910. I had to use a loupe to see the image in this

Folded and ready for your pocket. Pockets are  smaller now.

I use my Nikon D something to photograph my film cameras and take pictures of my friends holding up  fish they catch.  Throw away stuff, really.  I plan to use my Nikon D something
in 2109 to see how it held up after a hundred years. Be sure to check this website for a report.

Arista EDU 200 in HC110(h) for 11 minutes more or less.