I found this camera in a canvas bag on a shelf in my house.  I don't know where  or when I acquired it. The bag had an impressive coat of dust on it.

The SCC in the diamonds to the right and left of the lens stand for Standard Camera Company. SCC  had a business relationship with Coronet Camera, also of Birmingham.

This, very pretty old camera, is an aberration. It has different hardware, and unlike the standard Standard, it's black, not blue (McKeown.)

It's miraculous that a cardboard camera could survive in such wonderful condition after such a long time.

I put some Arista EDU 200 in it.

 - - -

The No. 2 Camera's shutter operates in both directions. It trips when you push it down. It trips when you lift it up.

This little quirk, although charming,  will  result in some confusing photographs should you be unaware of the fact.

Me ? No. I always check these things ahead of time.

The shutter makes a nice hollow-box "thunk" when tripped. I could discern no difference between the up trip and the down trip sound.

Old cameras contain a lot of air.  New cameras not so much. 

Viewfinders on ancient cameras provide the photographer with an approximation of scene. It gets worse as the photographer and camera age.

Arista EDU 200 in HC110(h) until it was done.