Ansco made lots of Shur Shots They're as common as stupidity but they have a certain appeal. They define "box camera."

Recently my son and his friend K. took a Shur Shot to The Grand Canyon. Two twenty somethings with a sixty something camera photographed a billion something  Wonder of The World.

Like the Grand Canyon, the double exposure is timeless. As long as there is film and cameras with red windows. The double exposure will live on.

In this photograph K. is checking the shutter operation while photographing her nostrils. She's frugal and doesn't like to waste film.

I have a number of photographs of my nostrils.

My son pretending to be unaware he's being photographed.

See above comment.

I photographed my wife at this exact spot many years ago. I kept telling her to step back. This is not my wife.

Farewell Tucson.

Arista EDU 200 in HC110 (h)