Nimco - Braun Camera Co. c1952

This camera was featured here a while ago as a found film article. CLICK.

It called my name as I passed by it today so I put some APX 400 in it and took it to Springfield, Ma.

Like most people, I've moved around a bit in my life. But each move came with varying degrees of sadness associated with it. There's the
moment when you close the door behind you for the last time.
My inlaws lived in the house pictured in the next few photographs for nearly forty years. Age related issues forced them into a different situation and the house has been
empty for nearly a year. It's being readied for sale.


The photos below are not related to the photos above

Granby, MA

APX 400 in HC110(H) for 14 minutes
The NIMCO has no "B" setting so interior
shots were done with multiple exposures
which accounts for the blur seen in some
of the photos.