I went to an auction recently. There were a number of old cameras being auctioned, which of course, is why I went.
There were two overbid, under-niced Leicas and a very pretty Contax 3A that went for more money than I was willing to spend. I already have a nice 3A anyway.

I saw the pictured Nikon case and figured the camera would be as well worn. Boy, was I wrong.

The words "mint" and "near mint" are overused when it comes to describing old cameras.  Not when it comes to this fifty-something beauty. It's a real knockout.

There are only the tiniest marks on this S2 and it functions flawlessly.

The rangefinder/viewfinder is bright and the rangefinder is right on the money.
The shutter makes the most wonderful little "thunk" when released.

Over 56,000 S2's were made. That's a hell of a lot of cameras. I'm willing to bet you won't see a prettier one than this. Outside of a museum, of course.

While I didn't "steal" the S2, I certainly got a bargain on it. This makes it even nicer.

The 1.4 Nikkor is spotless.

The D90 comes with a 278 page owners manual. Most of the things a D90 can do it will never do.  At least that's true for mine.

You don't really need an owners manual for the S2 and it only does one thing.  It's wicked pretty too.

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f5.6 - Photograph by EFG


f Idon'tremember

f 5.6

f 11

Kodak (Chapter 11) Gold 200