Minh's Ysarex roll film Polaroid

  My friend Minh converts unwanted cameras into attractive and fully functional roll film cameras. The old Polaroid at left came with masks up to 6x12. The camera weighs four and one quarter pounds (1.9 kg.) Minh's kindness and generosity is matched by his ingenuity.

The 110A is a work of art. Minh has rescued it from the graveyard.

The camera is fitted with Minh's 6x12 mask here. The take up system at right is pure Minh ! So's that pressure plate and red window.

When shooting 6x12 you go through a roll really quickly. That's a good thing since you're more likely to encounter similar lighting situations with only four shots to a roll.  My first two rolls were way out of focus because I didn't have the lens standard locked in place.  Hey, it was cold, windy and my fingers were freezing.







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Barns on Jackson Street - Belchertown, MA

Holyoke Range from Belchertown, MA

Stone Silos on Jackson Street - Belchertown, MA

Arista EDU 100 @asa 50 in HC110(H)

Exposures 1/125 @ f11