Minh Nguyen's converted Autographic c1918-1927

I'm pretty sure this is a No. 3A Autographic Kodak Junior.  Minh has been converting old folders for a while and he's getting better all the time. This one arrived unsolicited through the kindness of Minh's strong heart.

It's very clean for an ancient camera. The chrome is bright and all movements are smooth. There's even a bit of rise and fall ! I used all three shutter speed and B to produce the B&W shots below. The camera has been converted to 6x12cm on 120 film. Minh fashioned spool spacers, a film mask and customized pressure plate.

Custom window installation.

The camera was designed to produce 5 1/2"wide images so the finder is accurate in that direction.

Tôi chúc bạn một cuộc sống dài anh trai.

I've processed lots of film in my life, but the whole thing still seems miraculous to me. When ancient cameras are involved, it's even more amazing.

Low, bright sunlight and shadows present a difficult challenge for any camera/lens. The challenge is more difficult for wide scenes. Add an old uncoated lens and you got to be crazy.

I cropped a deep shadow from the bottom of this photograph.

Wide range of zones. Shot is a little hot.

Detail from previous photograph.

Arista EDU 100 rated at ASA 50 in HC110(h) for 6. 5 minutes.