Universal Camera Corp. c1949

The Meteor is a fairly classy junk camera. It's equipped with an extinction meter and the lens seems to be coated with something. It closes down to f32 for nuclear explosion photography
and has high grade fake leather covering.

High beams on.

High quality cameras always have serial numbers so you can trace them to date of manufacture and purchase replacement parts should you need to.

A quick check by Universal shows that my meteor was manufactured on May 20, 1949.  It was inspected by "Sally" and shipped to Freddie's Camera Store in Hernandez, New Mexico where it was purchased by "A. Adams."

High beams off.

You can fit 120 film in the camera if you have really strong fingers for advancing the film. A 620 spool is required on the takeup side.


Perhaps the main attraction of using cheap old cameras is the fact that I never really know what I'm going to get when I see the photos. Sure, there are general rules when using any camera but, in the end,  it's up to The Gods of Crummy Cameras.

The Meteor's lens treats sun and clouds in an interesting way. There are lots of pinpoints of light among the clouds.

  The shutter jammed after this frame. These things happen sometimes.