McKeown's doesn't list this camera under Tougodo Optical Company, but that's who made it. McKeown's states that it's a Rolleicord copy from Japan and that it's "uncommon." This is an interesting TLR site that discusses Metascoflex cameras and other odd-ball TLR's.

Anyway, this metal camera is well built and heavy with shutter speeds up to 1/300. It's equipped with a coated 80mm 3.5 "Metar" lens. The pop up viewfinder has an oversized magnifying glass for focusing. Film advance is done with a knob as is focusing. The serial number is 69726. I don't know when the camera was made.

Dark, south facing surfaces absorb a lot of energy on sunny days. The snow recedes from them.

Door latch.




Agfa APX 400 in HC110 (B)