The Meikai EL - Tougodo Optical - Japan - 1963

The "EL" stands for "electronic" which the Meikai EL isn't. The selenium thing on the front of the camera merely suggests electronics. This is common in the world of crappy cameras.
The EL is equipped with a 50mm Meikorlens lens. I love the fact that so many crappy camera manufacturers name their lenses. It's like naming the tires on your car.

Tougodo Optical was named after Adimral Tougo (pictured above) of The Japanese Navy.

In keeping with the "outer space" motifs common in the early 60's, The Meikai sports this image of a one-eyed space alien on its lens cap. The dust is not original.

Since Tougodo was inspired by an admiral, it's only fitting that one of the lens settings is for use while sailing. The other settings are confusing. What if I'm sailing when it's cloudy ?
The front of the hot shoe shows the fine machining that many Japanese camera makers are famous for.

The thing labeled "counter" is a frame counter. The thing labeled "rewind" is for rewinding. The shutter button is for tripping the shutter. The big lever with the
cool logo is the film advance. I don't know what the slot to the shutter button's left is. There's a red thing inside it. It's always red no matter what.

The rewind knob can also be used for removing the fingerprints from your thumb and index finger.

The very classy Meikai purse.

- - - - -
In a few years, when all us old bastards are living in Box City, film will be gone. It's inevitable. Can you think of anyone under the age of thirty that uses a film camera ?
Along with the departure of film, cameras with character will be a thing of the past.

Pushed aside by corporate homogenization and consumer laziness, film cameras are fast becoming relics. Digital cameras, with their faceless output, rule the photographic world.
Every event I attend, family or otherwise, is rife with digital cameras. They beep and click and flash.

People peer at the tiny screens on the camera back and say, "Oh ! That's cute" or "you'll have to send me that one." Most of the photos taken by these fast food cameras will never be seen again.
Nobody cares. It's too easy. Too commonplace.


Digital cameras are part of the dumbing down process. They exist in a new world. A world of Sarah Palin, Oprah and McDonald's. A world where towns all look the same.
A world with far less choices.

You can't tell a Ford from a Subaru these days.

Wino toy soldier

... --- ...

So what happens to The Zone System ?  What the hell is a "developer" ? What's a Beseler 23C ?

I guess I make too much out of photography. It's just another entertainment stream. Short lived and subject to the whims of the entertained.

Unsharp horses

Dog tags

Cookie cutter house

Pete Townsend of The Who said something to the effect of "When I get old, I hope I get out of the way." I agree with that, but what's pushing us out of the way, sucks.